The future of mobile is free

Meet Gane, the freemium mobile provider for developing countries

Gane is the freemium mobile carrier where users earn free data, voice, and text by using their mobile wallet and interacting with content. Gane is the ideal solution for 80% of the consumers in developing countries who are stuck with prepaid mobile and are dissatisfied with its high cost and inconvenience.

Churn among prepaid carriers averages over 12% per month as users flock to the next promotion. Users are mostly unbanked and use cash, which is the same reason they have no other choice than prepaid cellphone service.

Our Vision is a world without poverty.

Our mission is to use technology and business to empower those who need it most with mobile connectivity, education, and financial inclusion

How it Works


Insert SIM card in mobile phone.

Automatically download apps, register in Gane.


Interact with ads, learn skills, use our wallet services.

Your behavior and data is rewarded with tokens.

Earn and Connect

Tokens stored in wallet can be used for free mobile service and more.

Why Gane Works

Launching in 4Q21 in Latin America, a region with 500 million prepaid users, Gane is poised for explosive growth by offering the first free service as the alternative to prepaid.

Gane’s business model empowers the middle and low income population with the tools and education they need to move forward in today’s world. This majority of the population is ready to leapfrog over banks into a mobile wallet that offers them financial inclusion.

Gane’s Alliances

Gane’s allies and partners successfully create a digital ecosystem to satisfy the needs of all stakeholders of this massive segment of the population that is being left behind today.

Network Alliances:

Marketing world alliances:


Looking forward

Gane is projecting explosive growth as the first free carrier in the Latin American region. We will also create tremendous value and positive impact for those who need it most, in regions where mobile data and education are not accessible to the majority of the population today.

We are currently closing our seed round of fundraising and solidifying partnerships with cryptocurrency partners. Gane has strategically chosen partners, manufacturers, and government allies to maximize uptake potential. We will be on the ground in Mexico at the start of 2021.

We are excited to improve the lives of millions.

Our Team


Henry Baiz
Luisa Manyoma
Roko Izarra
Paulo Rivera
Technical Director
Nicolás Martín
Ad Media Sales


David Casey
Joe Lopardo
Lumen Growth Partners
Bill Melton
Founder, GIV Venture
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